The Chopard Discovery Set is a collection of four exquisite fragrances designed to captivate and enchant. Each perfume in this set is carefully crafted to evoke a unique olfactory experience, showcasing the artistry and elegance that Chopard is renowned for.

  • Magnolia: Delicate and feminine, this fragrance combines the sweet floral notes of magnolia with hints of citrus and musk, creating a captivating and romantic scent.
  • Vetiver: A sophisticated and earthy fragrance, Vetiver blends the woody and smoky notes of vetiver with subtle hints of spice and amber, resulting in a warm and alluring aroma.
  • Madagascar: Exotic and vibrant, Madagascar is a fragrance that celebrates the rich and diverse flora of the island. Notes of vanilla, ylang-ylang, and tropical fruits create a scent that is both sweet and refreshing.
  • Guatemala: Inspired by the lush landscapes of Guatemala, this fragrance combines the fresh and green notes of tropical leaves with the warm and spicy scents of cardamom and cinnamon, resulting in a captivating and invigorating aroma.

Each perfume in this set comes in a convenient 10ml size, perfect for travel or sampling. Whether you're looking to discover a new signature scent or simply indulge in the luxury of Chopard fragrances, the Chopard Discovery Set is a must-have for any fragrance enthusiast.

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