Calvin Klein (W) Mini Set (Eternity Edp 5ml + Euphoria Edp 4ml + Women Edp 5ml + Eternity Air Edp 5ml + Ck One Edt 10ml)

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Introducing the stunning Calvin Klein (W) Mini Set, a must-have collection for all fragrance enthusiasts. This set features an exquisite assortment of Calvin Klein's most beloved scents, carefully curated to cater to every woman's unique taste. Included in this captivating set are five mini fragrances, each encapsulating a distinct essence that will leave a lasting impression. The enchanting Eternity Eau de Parfum (5ml) is a timeless fragrance that evokes eternal love and romanticism. Its blend of floral and fruity notes creates a captivating aura that is both sophisticated and feminine. Indulge your senses with the alluring Euphoria Eau de Parfum (4ml), a sensual and mysterious fragrance that exudes confidence and allure. Its blend of exotic fruits, seductive florals, and creamy undertones creates an intoxicating scent that is truly irresistible. Experience the modern and fresh Women Eau de Parfum (5ml), a fragrance that celebrates the power and strength of the modern woman. With its vibrant citrus top notes and elegant floral heart, this scent embodies femininity and empowers you to embrace your true self. Feel the refreshing breeze of Eternity Air Eau de Parfum (5ml), a fragrance inspired by the exhilarating feeling of freedom and serenity. Its invigorating blend of citrus, floral, and woody notes creates a light and airy scent that is perfect for any occasion. Lastly, immerse yourself in the unisex and iconic fragrance of Ck One Eau de Toilette (10ml). This scent revolutionized the world of perfumery, breaking gender barriers with its clean and refreshing blend of citrus, green, and musky notes. It is a fragrance that captures the essence of youth and individuality. With this Calvin Klein (W) Mini Set, you can explore a variety of scents and find the perfect one for every mood and occasion. Whether you're looking for a timeless classic or a modern and fresh fragrance, this set has it all. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this luxurious collection and embrace the captivating world of Calvin Klein.
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