By Terry Baume De Rose Nutri-couleur 1 Rosy Babe For Women 0.24oz Lip Balm

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Indulge your lips with the luxurious and nourishing By Terry Baume De Rose Nutri-couleur lip balm in the shade 1 Rosy Babe. Specially designed for women, this lip balm offers a combination of intense hydration, protection, and a touch of color to enhance your natural beauty.

The Baume De Rose Nutri-couleur lip balm is formulated with a rich blend of ingredients that deeply moisturize and repair dry and chapped lips. Enriched with rose flower essential wax, shea butter, and ceramides, it provides long-lasting hydration, leaving your lips soft, smooth, and supple.

This lip balm not only nourishes your lips but also protects them from environmental aggressors. It creates a barrier against harsh weather conditions, pollution, and UV rays, preventing further damage and keeping your lips healthy and beautiful.

The shade 1 Rosy Babe offers a subtle and natural pink tint, adding a touch of color to your lips. It enhances your lip's natural tone, giving them a healthy and vibrant look. Whether used alone or as a base under your favorite lipstick, this lip balm delivers a flattering and youthful appearance.

With its compact and convenient size, you can easily carry this lip balm wherever you go. Keep it in your purse, pocket, or makeup bag, and enjoy its benefits whenever your lips need some extra care and color.

The By Terry Baume De Rose Nutri-couleur 1 Rosy Babe lip balm is a must-have for any makeup enthusiast. Experience the ultimate combination of hydration, protection, and a hint of color with this luxurious lip balm.

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