Boucheron Quatre (M) Set Edt 100ml + Asb 100ml + Ao Sg 100ml

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The Boucheron Quatre (M) Set is a luxurious fragrance collection designed for the sophisticated man. This set includes an Eau de Toilette (100ml), After Shave Balm (100ml), and Aftershave Soothing Gel (100ml).

The Boucheron Quatre fragrance is a captivating blend of aromatic and woody notes, creating a unique and masculine scent. With top notes of lemon and lime, this fragrance opens with a refreshing burst of citrus. The heart notes of lavender and jasmine add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Finally, the base notes of cedarwood and musk provide a warm and sensual undertone.

The Eau de Toilette is perfect for everyday wear, leaving a long-lasting and irresistible fragrance on the skin. The After Shave Balm soothes and moisturizes the skin after shaving, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized. The Aftershave Soothing Gel is a lightweight formula that calms and hydrates the skin, reducing any post-shave irritation.

This Boucheron Quatre (M) Set is an ideal gift for any man who appreciates refined fragrances and wants to elevate his grooming routine. Whether for special occasions or daily use, this set offers a complete fragrance experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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